Designed to illustrate that heroes come in all shapes and sizes, The Face Exhibition is a photographic showcase of successful, talented and aspiring Indigenous leaders that is sure to educate, but also inspire.

The collection is a culmination of eight months of travelling for photographer, Sunny Brar, who traipsed Australian cities and towns to capture these many and varied Faces that depict the colours of the multi-hued dream that has become the Australian reality.

And the first expression of this odyssey, is The Face Exhibition.

“The aim of the project is to showcase this wide range of heroes through the simplicity of their faces,” said Brar.

“Showing that they come in all shapes, sizes and social strata enables future generations to realise the limitless potential in themselves and their people.

The result is a collection of portraits that tell a truth no words can articulate. Coming in all shapes and sizes with a variety of backstories these faces talk to the limitless potential of our first peoples who share the common thread of a deep and meaningful relationship to country.

“With a multitude of ethnicities now populating Australia’s cities and countryside, the inclusive, welcoming acceptance – an inherent trait of our first peoples’ heritage – has become a cultural imperative.”

For Brar who has lived the experience of being an outsider, knows the important role that heritage plays in a multi-racial society. Born in the north of India he arrived in Australia in the early 1990’s as a seven-year-old. As Australian-Indian, Brar’s parents encouraged him to learn about his heritage and be proud of who he was and where he came from.

As Australia continues to welcome immigrants from around the world, Brar brings them from the street into the gallery using the faces of our indigenous brothers and sisters as his starting point.

The Free admission Face Exhibition is on show at Norwest Marketown.